Seizing the Opportunities

The research has provided our client and the specific club with an understanding of each of the high potential CALD audiences – how to position the game and club in line with their values, lifestyle and interests; and what are the specific activities and tactics that can be used to encourage greater engagement and drive membership.


The Brief

A national sporting code wanted to ascertain which CALD audiences (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) are the key targets for one of their Sydney clubs and understand how to reach and engage these niche audiences to drive club membership.

The Background

CALD Audiences Represent a Key Market Opportunity for the club

Australia’s CALD audience now comprises over 20% of the population, with that figure rising to 32% across Greater Sydney. In order to ensure continued success of the game, the club must engage CALD audiences.

Specific Activity Tailored to Their Background is Required to Engage CALD Audiences

In order to ensure CALD audiences engage with the game for life, it is important that the club understand the diversity, values and priorities of their local area and uncover ways in which the sport and the club can connect with these audiences.

We Must Evaluate and Prioritise CALD Audiences to Determine the Greatest Opportunity

Given that specific tactical activity must be employed for each CALD audience, we had to prioritise the diverse CALD audience to ensure a cohesive strategy can be implemented.

The research journey
  1. Which CALD audiences represent the low hanging fruit for the club?

Anomaly made use of its Australian Audience Profiling tool, Dimple, to uncover which CALD audiences have the greatest representation in the defined geographic area of relevance to the cub. This tool taps into ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) data, navigated through a dashboard.

  1. How do we attract these key audiences to the game and to our club?

Next we invited prospective members from each of the CALD audience segments to a focus group discussion. Within this session we explored their attitudes toward the sport and the specific club, and had a rich discussion of their values, lifestyle and behaviours to provide an understanding of how to engage each specific CALD audience and how can the game play a greater role in their lives.

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