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Caroline Squire

Director of Marketing – ANZ, LEGO Australia Pty Ltd

“I have been working with Anomaly for the past 18 months scoping, developing and delivering a market mix modelling tool for the LEGO AU business. A process like this can be quite daunting in a business that is stretched time and resource-wise and the team, specifically Brendan and Michelle, helped create a solution and approach that was supportive, simple to understand and applicable on a day-to-day basis along with being able to be translated and utilised across all functions within the local business unit. Their patience, understanding and willingness to be challenged from an outsiders perspective helped deliver a tool that is simple, accurate and future focused – all the while being firmly grounded and underpinned with the copious amounts of data that our business earns and generates. I highly recommend the team and professional services at Anomaly as great business partners who ask the right questions, provides the right solutions and delivers the right tools to help road-map the way ahead.”