Budget Optimisation


A leading national retailer wanted to optimise its media spend in order to generate the right mix of sales across its portfolio of four main business units


We built market mix models for each of the business units, sizing the impact of media spend relative to competitor, price, seasonality and a range of external factors.

Some media channels drove transactions in all parts of the business. However at the business unit level, investments could be optimised by aligning media spends more closely with consumer purchase cycles and seasonal peaks and troughs.


We produced an interactive dashboard which enabled the client and media agency teams to select from 2,000 simulated media plans, showing optimal levels of sales for varying levels of media spend. The client was then able to select the best plan for their spend, understand the channel mix and flighting involved, and the projected level of sales by business unit that would result. The client implemented an optimised media schedule with a projected increase sales of 5.7% for no increase in total spend.