Data Visualisation


A national sportswear retailer was advertising across multiple regional and metro television markets, and wanted to know the most effective way to allocate their media spend across each TV market.


One logic is to distribute media spend to each market proportional to the level of sales generated in that area. We decided a one dimensional allocation wasn’t sufficient and so we built a weighted algorithmic model to cater for other internal & external factors which could be at play.

Our model input consumer population, number of stores, cost per TARP, and sales for the area and output the recommended level of media spend to support the local demographics.

This model was made available to the client through an interactive dashboard which the client and media agency could use to plan – campaigns. The calculator and data sources are being refreshed quarterly for ongoing use.


The client has tweaked their television budget to better target their two key demographics, and their franchisees are confident that they are being marketed for in a fair and logical way.