Media Effectiveness


A leading automotive client with significant online spend wished to understand the role of digital media in driving sales.


We built a multi touch attribution model using ad server data to understand the impact of publisher, site, creative and keyword in driving sales. Unlike traditional last click attribution models which attribute all success to last activity prior to conversion, our digital attribution models uses multivariate analysis to weight all activity that lead to the conversion. This provides far more balanced and robust insights on the path to conversion.

We created an interactive dashboard (accessed via secure login), to empower users to understand the consumer journey and provide real time daily attribution. The dashboard allowing users to:

  • Monitor daily conversion over the course of a campaign period performance over time
  • Identify common paths to purchase at publisher level
  • Optimise media spend (and identify expected conversion uplifts) for a particular digital publisher budget for any given budget
  • Predict the performance of future conversions
  • Set appropriate frequency caps to avoid consumer over-exposure

By redeploying inefficient publisher funds into key high performing publishers the client was able to achieve view and optimise media performance in real time, allowing a 14% reduction in cost per acquisition for the same level of spend.